Who We Are

QMerit is an enterprise grade technology platform that brings science to the art of workforce utilization, addressing the massive shift toward blended internal and contracted labor resources.

QMerit was launched as a spin out from a Fortune 500 company with over 110,000 service employees. The QMerit solution was developed to improve the quality, consistency and simplicity of resourcing, allocating and measuring your workforce across any vertical market. QMerit provides a cloud-based platform and related services for optimizing an entire labor portfolio including: direct employees, contingent workers, subcontractors, retirees and “gig” labor. The platform dynamically, consistently and objectively deploys the best resource(s) to a time and place at the best value. It is the world’s first meritocracy-based assignment engine which uses Precision Resourcing™ of work distribution, a Smart Market™ to improve logistics and scheduling as well as Perpetual Performance™ that introduces human capital analytics methods for transparency and accountability.

Precision Resourcing™. Merit–Driven™. Smart Market Governed™. 


headquartered in beautiful Southern California:

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