Qmerit Bid Management is specially designed for service company projects that require detailed estimates. It eliminates the archaic paper-based process where several data points can easily be missed leading to inaccurate estimates. 


Electronic Site Survey

Qmerit's Electronic Site Survey (ESS) captures all data points and photos easily using a smart phone or tablet. With our solution, you can ensure all of your required questions are answered by the assigned estimator in the first visit. 

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Bid Spreadsheet Population

The results of the ESS are auto-populated into your bid spreadsheets. Qmerit's solution creates less room for error, meaning no more dealing with the hassle of manually entering data or the problems of double entry—saving you time. 

Automatic Proposal Generation

All results of the Electronic Site Survey are captured and populated in a document for your proposals and scope of work. Our solution allows you to review all proposals generated by your business in one location and gives you the option to provide editing or viewing access to any of your team members. 

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Electronic 3-Bid Process

When you require subcontractors to preform a portion or all of a project, the scope of work that was auto-generated can be sent to all of your subcontractors electronically. This creates a centralized location for all your documents ensuring all contractors receive the same accurate information to generate their bids. 

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