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Workforce Management

QMerit allows you to easily manage all your subcontractors on a single platform. With QMerit you can be assured your entire internal and contingent workforce is skilled, vetted, credentialed and insured reducing your service risk. 


The Right Resource 

Ensure the highest quality work for every service request. QMerit selects the right resource with the right skills, optimal cost and the best past performance every time. With QMerit, each service request is only sent to contractors who meet your pre-established corporate values and objectives.

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Performance Measurement

Our QMerit Contribution Index (QCI™) scoring system uses Perpetual Performance™ methods for transparency and accountability of your Human Capital, removing subjectivity and bias. A QCI score of 0-1,000 is perpetually calculated for each labor resource, similar to a FICO score. QMerit’s AI engine has been validated by the quant group at Mercer (Marsh McLennan).


Creating a Workforce Meritocracy 

Our QCI scoring allows you to measure and motivates your variable workforce. Transforms your workforce into a fair and objective meritocracy where strivers and achievers are rewarded with the most work.

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Industry's First Technical Services GPO

QMerit has partnered with an industry leader to develop the Industry’s First Technical Services Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), allowing you to capture incremental profits by harnessing material procurement in the field.