Easily Manage Your Contractors

• Intuitive onboarding process for all your contractors

• Easily specify the compliance, training and documentation requirements your contractors need to electronically provide

• Sophisticated search capabilities enable you to quickly find specialty contractors


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Automated Compliance

• Contractors can easily upload and maintain all their compliance documentation instead of you having to manage it all

• You and the contractors are electronically notified as compliance documentation is expiring

• Our QCI score tracks contractor compliance, which incentivizes and motivates them to maintain compliance requirements

Lower Costs by Using a 3-Bid Process

• QMerit digitizes the entire bid process so it’s easy to get multiple bids before awarding work

• Contractors easily upload their bids so you have instant visibility and a central repository for all bid requests and outcomes 

• Our QCI score measures bid response times so contractors’ scores will increase or decrease based on their responsiveness relative to their peers

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Instant Access to Your Own Knowledge Center

• Enables your company to upload training videos, pictures, documents and instructional manuals so your contractors have immediate access

• Group materials with relevant tags so that they are easily available when your contractor needs them the most

• Supports your contractors with access to important reference materials on the job --  improving performance and service quality