EV Home Charging Solutions

Who is QMerit?

QMerit is a software platform for service organizations and manufacturers that manages subcontractors temporary workers on a single cloud-based platform. QMerit’s AI engine allocates the best resources at the best value for every service request while creating a workforce meritocracy and providing real-time performance feedback. Industry-leading customers such as BMW North America, ChargePoint, EMotorWerks, Mercedes-Benz, Mini North America, and Energy Solutions (PG&E).

How does QMerit work?
The QMerit platform allows you to create a secure profile for your company and upload the relevant documentation for certification. Once approved by QMerit program managers, your organization will become visible to customers in the zip code search to find a certified installer in their area. 

How do I connect with a customer?
Customers will search for QMerit-certified Installers and request a quote. The primary contact listed in your company profile will then receive an email request to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation quote. Contact information of the customer will be provided in the email for direct communication with the customer to set up your quotation appointment. 

Does the Installer set his/her own pricing?
Our certified Installers contract directly with the customer. Installers set the scope, timing, pricing and payment terms as in their normal course of business. QMerit and our program partners provide educational support and communications to connect you with the customer, but do not intervene with pricing, permitting, warranty, delivery or collections on the projects. 

What do Customers receive? 
When customers quickly create an online account for the program they receive the following benefits:

  • Greater flexibility and convenience: customers can choose from multiple QMerit-certified installers in their area for no-cost quotes, compare and accept or reject quotes, and track upcoming appointments - all in one online location.
  • Charging station installation prior to, or timed with, vehicle delivery: With a streamlined installer selection process, customers can benefit from installing a charging solution prior to bringing home the vehicle, to ensure a seamless and premium ownership experience from day one.
  • Access to ratings of QMerit installers: As the program proceeds,  EV owners will be able to review and select QMerit-certified installers based on ratings from other customers, thus building additional confidence in the selected installer.

How do I get started?
You can start by visiting www.qmerit.com/evinstaller to review the certification requirements and then begin by creating your company profile. 

What if I have a question that's not answered here?
You can contact us at  (888) 272-0090 or customerservice@qmerit.com