EV Home Charging Solutions


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BMW Installation Services powered by QMerit connects Electric Vehicle (EV) owners to qualified contractors certified to install and service BMW-approved residential charging solutions. Learn more about the program…

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Installer Requirements

QMerit Certified Installers have expertise in home EV charging to ensure customers have a safe and positive ownership experience. They all possess the following requirements: bring knowledge of the process of installing residential EV chargers recommended to BMW customers, provide exceptional quality and prompt service, secure all required permitting, and are active users of the QMerit software platform. 

Once approved in the QMerit program, electrical contractors become part of a select pool of certified installers featured on a customer-facing website where BMW i and iPerformance customers can explore home charging basics, learn about popular BMW-recommended home chargers, and select from the list of trusted, QMerit Certified Installers in their area to request a no-cost, no obligation quote for installation.

Exposure to BMW i and iPerformance Customers

BMW Installation Services powered by QMerit, launched February 2017, is the first QMerit partnership to go live in support of residential electric vehicle charging station installation. The QMerit system provides a user-friendly approach to connect BMW i and iPerformance vehicle owners with certified installers in their area. 

We are actively recruiting qualified electrical contractors nationwide to become certified in the BMW Installation Services program powered by QMerit.



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