Performance Measurement

Our unique algorithm continuously calculates a QMerit Contribution Index (QCI™) score for each caregiver and clinician based on their past performance (similar to a FICO® score). The QCI scores are visible key stakeholders, which creates a powerful motivation framework that incentivizes desired behavior and provides real-time performance feedback. Our AI engine has been validated by the quant group at Mercer (Marsh McLennan).

Real-time Availability

We digitize communications between caregivers and staffers by enabling caregivers and clinicians to quickly and easily update the days and times they are available giving staffers a real-time view into their availability–creating an Uber-like experience for managing urgent patient requests.

Optimal Patient Matching

QMerit objectively matches patient care requests to caregivers and clinicians based on a variety of skills, preferences, and attributes eliminating subjectivity and biases. 

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Knowledge Center

Caregivers and clinicians have instant access to training videos and materials, agency procedures and more. Plus, they can update their certifications and are alerted when they expire.

Benefits of Using QMerit

Caregivers, Clinicians, and Staffers

•  Less time responding to texts and phone calls

•  Optimal caregiver and clinician to patient matching

•  Continual performance scoring

•  Real-time caregiver and clinician availability

•  Quick access to educational materials


•  Caregivers and clinicians motivated to excel

•  More efficient caregiver and clinician scheduling

•  Fill more urgent patient requests

•  Optimal matching of caregivers and clinicians to patients

•  Employer of choice for caregivers and clinicians

Agency Resources