Precision Resourcing

QMerit’s queuing engine continually evaluates your work requirements against your portfolio of available employee and contingent labor resources across multiple dimensions, and aligns the appropriate proficiency with the individual or team to be assigned. This deep matching of competencies to activities assures your organization does not over or under skill the performance level needed, dramatically improving labor utilization, while driving quality customer outcomes.



QMerit creates a transparent, audited and governed workplace “meritocracy” where aptitude, expertise, performance, customer feedback, safety, compliance and organizational values are perpetually measured at the individual or company level. The resulting contribution index motivates and rewards strivers and achievers while ensuring a level playing field for all, leading to the “best available responder” being consistently deployed to the work activity requirement. Every time!


Smart Market Governed

QMerit’s applied workforce science reviews the pool of available qualified candidates for their fully burdened cost, geo-location, travel expense, procurement patterns, and compliance with predetermined company metrics, and surfaces the optimal resource for augmented or fully automated assignment scheduling. Smart Market ensures consistent and objective organizational decisions are applied to drive efficient utilization of individuals, teams, contingent and subcontract workers.