QMerit Named Top 10 Workforce Management Solution


QMerit is a software platform that enables you to control, measure and motivate your workforce to deliver excellent service while providing visibility into their service quality.

A Few of Our Clients

Marque brands count on QMerit because they understand when they use subcontractors and per diem resources to service their customers, they put their brand reputation at risk every day.

Workforce Management 

QMerit enables you to easily onboard, vet, insure and credential your workforce ensuring everyone has valid and up-to-date licenses and certifications.

Selecting the Optimal Resource

QMerit’s AI engine objectively identifies the optimal resource for each service request based on a variety of attributes, including past performance, skills required, labor costs, travels costs, certifications and more.  You can weight these attributes based on your organizational values to ensure you never over- or under-skill your labor resources, which often leads to unsatisfactory outcomes and poor workforce job satisfaction. 


Supply Chain Management

QMerit allows you to keep a close eye on spending by giving you the option to choose a resource based on fully burdened cost including logistics. QMerit has partnered with an industry leader to develop the world's first Building Trades centric Group Purchasing Organization which will lower your parts and material cost significantly. 

Measuring Your Workforce Performance

Our QMerit Contribution Index (QCI™) performance measurement system is a continuously calculated score based on past performance, callback rates, procedural compliance and more.  Similar to a FICO® score, the QCI scores are visible to all key stakeholders, which creates a powerful motivation framework that incentivizes desired behavior and provides real-time performance feedback. QMerit’s AI engine has been validated by the quant group at Mercer (Marsh McLennan).

Motivating Your Workforce to Deliver Quality

Each resource has an individual QCI™ score visible to them at all times. The QCI™ score motivates each person to succeed by incentivizing desired behavior, providing real-time performance feedback, and giving support with point of service training. Thus, creating a workforce meritocracy where strivers and achievers are rewarded for excellent work.

Industries We Serve 


Manage the subcontractors servicing your products

Facility Managers

Manage the building trade contractors servicing your buildings


Manage the contractors installing upgrades in buildings and homes

Electric Vehicles

Manage the electrical contractors installing charging stations