QMerit has partnered with Avendra to develop ProQure, the industry’s first Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) to aggregate the purchasing volume of all HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing contractors in the U.S. to maximize the supplier discounts you receive on parts and equipment while increasing your OEM and supplier rebates.  


Stop Overpaying for Parts & Equipment

If you own or manage multiple buildings, you’ve likely established an internal procurement department that has successfully aggregated your parts and equipment spend to increase your discount rates and rebates from suppliers.  However, if these negotiated discount rates are not being extended to your subcontractors, you’re not only overpaying for these materials but your supplier rebates don’t include your subcontractor spend volume.

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Why Is This Occurring?

Building Trade contractors and engineers purchase $29.6B in parts and equipment each year for service, maintenance and retrofits,  but no one has successfully aggregated the contractor purchases, so your supplier discounts are not extended to your subcontractors.  Subcontractors have poor buying power so you’re paying markups based on their higher cost basis.  To date, there has not been an industry vehicle capable of both aggregating this spend and deploying technology that makes purchasing easy, compliance attainable, and data capture seamless. 


ProQure Is Built on a Proven Model

In 2003, Marriot and Hyatt joined several hospitality leaders to co-found Avendra, a GPO focused on aggregating commodity spend to achieve deeper discounts than individual volumes could achieve.  Today, Avendra has 30%+ of the hospitality market share with over $4.4B in customer spend flowing through their 900+ supplier network.   ProQure will benefit both from Avendra’s proven compliance processes and their existing base of $400M in MRO-related spend.  Coupled with QMerit’s proprietary software platform, ProQure facilitates parts and equipment purchases by all providers, measures compliance and provides detailed reporting to maximize discounts and rebates. 

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Benefits to You

•    Additional discounts from spend aggregation

•    Ability to extend discounts to subcontractors making indirect purchases on your behalf

•    Higher supplier rebates 

Want to learn more about ProQure?

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