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Workforce Management

QMerit allows you to easily manage all your workforce on a single platform. With QMerit, you can be assured that all your contractors are continuously vetted, credentialed, insured and safety trained to reduce your compliance and service risk.  Your contractors have online access to upload and manage their credentials, and manage all of your service quote requests. We also provide an education platform that allows contractors to have real-time access to training videos, documented procedures, SLA requirements and more.

Optimal Contractor Selection

We help ensure you receive the highest quality work for every service request. QMerit selects the optimal contractor based on a number of variables, including skills required, fully-burdened cost, overtime costs, geo-location and their QCI score. You can weight each of these variables based on your corporate values and objectives.

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Performance Measurement

At the heart of our platform is the QMerit Contribution Index (QCI™) performance measurement system. A QCI score of 0 to 1,000 is continuously calculated for each subcontractor and their technicians based on past performance, callback rates, procedural compliance, customer ratings and more.  Similar to a FICO® score, the QCI scores are visible to all key stakeholders, which creates a powerful motivation framework that incentivizes desired behavior and provides real-time performance feedback. The QCI algorithm has been vetted and validated by the quant group at Mercer (MMC), the world’s largest human capital consulting firm.


Creating a Workforce Meritocracy 

Our QCI scoring allows you to measure and motivates your variable workforce. Transforms your workforce into a fair and objective meritocracy where strivers and achievers are rewarded with the most work.

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Supply Chain Management

QMerit has partnered with Avendra to develop the industry’s first Technical Services, Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) to aggregate the HVAC, electrical and plumbing spend of building owners and property managers to maximize discounts and increase rebates from suppliers.  These discounts are extended not only to your facility team but to all your subcontractors as well.  Including subcontractors increases aggregation of materials but also reduces your invoices and increases increase supplier rebates.