6 Procurement Lessons from the Grocery Industry

On the surface, you might not see much of a parallel between procurement for the grocery industry and procurement for building maintenance. However, if you look a little deeper, you’ll soon see that both are industries that must respond to challenges quickly while operating with razor-thin margins. For example, grocery procurement faces many particular challenges—such as extremely perishable goods—that many other industries don’t face.

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What Is Tail Spend and Why Should You Care?

Managing tail spend is one of the only guaranteed ways property managers, building owners and contractors can reduce costs associated with building maintenance. But what is tail spend and how do you manage it?

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6 Key Metrics to Help You Cut Procurement Costs


Sometimes, it feels as though there is no way to further cut costs, but here’s the good news: a quick review of your spending trends can help you discover new ways to get your finances in orderIf youre a building owner concerned about controlling expenses, monitoring just a few carefully chosen key metrics around building-related MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) will help you figure out where you can cut costs while improving your procurement efforts. 

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