Qmerit is a leader in cloud-based, supply chain solutions that significantly improves service quality and reduces operating costs for OEM’s, facility managers, and contractors.

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"I didn't realize how relevant my tasks/projects were going to be for the company and actually changing parts of the website and seeing those changes be released to the public. It was truly a humbling experience to see how much I have grown in just the span of three months as an intern. The teams at Qmerit were also a nice surprise as they created a much friendlier and more encouraging atmosphere than I thought it would be."

- Theresa T., CSUF

This was my first experience working in an already active code directory maintained by someone other than myself. By gaining front end experience for the first time, I can now decide whether I want to be a front end or back end developer. I also realize what subjects would be beneficial to learn even if my job does not focus on it..."

-Lauryn M., UCLA

"The internship gave me a window into web development and problem solving along with working an actual codebase with multiple people contributing to different pieces of it (large in comparison to the smaller programs we do at school) I also learned a few new languages..."

- Sydney H., Cal Poly Pomona

"I was pleasantly surprised by the wide range of new experiences and work opportunities I was presented with. I expected to continue my education alongside Brett, working primarily with our procurement platform, but I also received hands on experience with our customer success team..."

- Christian W., UCLA

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