The Situation

Premiere automotive brand Jaguar expanded into the Electric Vehicle (EV) market with the launch of their innovative  I-PACE, Jaguar’s first all-electric performance SUV.

Due to the vehicle’s larger battery and longer charging time, it was clear that customers would have a better ownership experience if they invested in a home EV charging station. Jaguar sought a seamless white-glove experience that assisted their customers from the time they purchased their new I-PACE all the way through the EV charging station installation process.

The Challenge

While the popularity of electric vehicles is on the rise, the process of installing a home charging station can be complicated. Choosing the right charger, finding experienced electrical contractors, negotiating install prices and dealing with scheduling logistics can be a daunting task for EV owners.

Jaguar needed a solution that not only reflected the luxury experience their customers have come to expect, but also one that simplified all the complexities involved with home charger installations. Enter Qmerit.

The Solution

The first step was for Jaguar to choose their recommended charging station. After carefully evaluating options, Jaguar selected ChargePoint, the largest EV charging network in the world and long-time partner of Qmerit.

Next, Jaguar selected Qmerit to create the industry’s first concierge model. As the foundation, Qmerit used its EV Marketplace that seamlessly matches EV buyers to its nationwide network of certified electrical contractors that specialize in EV charger installations. Qmerit’s EV Marketplace is used by Jaguar, Land Rover, GM, BMW, ChargePoint, Enel X and others.

Qmerit then enhanced its technology platform to further streamline and automate the entire process to offer a truly hassle-free white-glove concierge-style experience for Jaguar’s customers.

In a three-way partnership, Jaguar, Qmerit and ChargePoint teamed up to transform the buying and installation process. To save time and money for both customers and contractors, they collaborated to:

  • Develop a residential program that connects customers with pre-qualified contractors who are experts in EV charging station installations, all through Jaguar’s website
  • Ensure competitive installation prices by putting customers in contact with up to three Qmerit-qualified contractors (based on performance and competitive bids) in their area
  • Simplify the buying process for EV owners through a digital ‘EV Home Readiness Survey’ that eliminates the needs for customers to answer the same questions from multiple contractors
  • Reduce the costs and time associated with receiving installation quotes and by reducing or eliminating the need for initial contractor home visits by utilizing Qmerit’s technology platform
  • Guarantee a white-glove level of service by overseeing the ordering, delivery and installation of the ChargePoint Home charging station
  • Ensure customers receive a seamless and high-quality home installation experience from start to finish

“Qmerit has provided us a world-class home EV charger installation program.

Their EV Concierge Program is the best Jaguar Land Rover has worldwide.”

Tim Philippo, EV Infrastructure, Jaguar Land Rover


The Results

I-PACE customer feedback and satisfaction has been outstanding. In fact, Qmerit’s concierge service received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 96, which means 96% of Jaguar’s customers who responded would recommend Qmerit’s installers to their friends and colleagues. To put this in perspective, Starbucks and Costco have two of the highest NPS scores in America, with an NPS of 77 and 79, respectfully.

The I-PACE is an impressive award-winner for Jaguar. Delivering an innovative concierge service to their EV customers continues to create delighted customers while providing a unique competitive advantage.

As a leader in cloud-based, supply chain solutions, Qmerit is always looking for new ways to enhance service quality and improve operating costs. If your company could use some strategic advice, Qmerit can help.

If your company relies on independent contractors to service your customers, Qmerit can help improve the quality and reliability of your service provider network. If you are interested in learning more about our services or establishing a partnership, contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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Since the first Jaguar car was produced in 1935 they have pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Founder,Sir William Lyons insisted that every car the company produced combined performance and beauty like no other.