Easily Manage Your Service Providers

We have an intuitive onboarding process for all your service providers. You can easily specify the compliance, training, and documentation requirements your service providers need to provide electronically.


Automated Compliance

Service providers can easily upload and maintain all their compliance documentation and set notifications for you and the service provider to be alerted as compliance documentation is expiring. Our QCI score even tracks service provider compliance, which incentivizes and motivates them to maintain compliance requirements.


Lower Costs by Using a 3-Bid Process

Qmerit digitizes the entire bid process making it easy to get multiple bids before awarding work. Service providers easily upload their bids, so you have instant visibility and a central repository for all bid requests and outcomes. Our QCI score measures bid response times so service providers’ scores will increase or decrease based on their responsiveness relative to their peers.


Instant Access to Your Own Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center Enables your company to upload training videos, pictures, documents and instructional manuals so your service providers have immediate access to the materials they need. You can group the materials with relevant tags so that they are easily searchable when your contractor needs them the most – improving performance and service quality.