Contractor Management

Managing contractors is a time-consuming, costly, and manual process. Your litigation risks are high if you don’t have proper documentation on them.

Qmerit transforms the way you vet, onboard, manage, and objectively measure your subcontractors. For the first time, you’ll have complete visibility and control over your entire contractor network.


Digitize and Optimize Your Contractor Management



Qmerit automates your compliance process to ensure all of your subcontractors have accurate documentation on their licenses, insurance, I-9’s, safety training, and more. Contractor credentials are continuously monitored to ensure compliance and alerts are sent to you and your subcontractor when documentation is about to expire to reduce your compliance and service risk.

Qmerit’s SAFE-IN/SAFE-OUT™ feature lowers your company risk by driving contractor behavior to meet OSHA and company safety procedures.

Measuring Performance

Our exclusive Qmerit Contribution Index™ (QCI) perpetually measures the performance of your contractors. We calculate a QCI™ score of 1–1,000 for each of your contractors to identify the best and worst performers. The QCI™ algorithm has been vetted and validated by the quant group at Mercer (MMC), the world’s largest human capital consulting firm. Similar to a FICO score, our QCI™ score is computed based on a multitude of attributes including compliance, responsiveness, quality, customer feedback and more.


We help ensure you receive the highest quality work for every service request by selecting the optimal contractor based on their QCI™ score, labor rates, driving distance and more. These attributes can be weighted based on your corporate values and objectives.

Network Meritocracy

Our QCI™ scoring transforms your contractor network into a fair and objective meritocracy where strivers and achievers are rewarded with the most work.

Site Survey

Our Digital Site Survey reduces the need for contractors to make multiple site visits to accurately bid your job. This not only saves you and your staff time but it eliminates all the paper-based forms, double-entry and mistakes inherent in the process.

Bid Process

Once the Digital Site Survey results are received, we auto-generate a digital scope of work that can be sent electronically to your subcontractors for more accurate bidding. Qmerit digitizes the entire bid process making it easy to get multiple bids before awarding work. Your subcontractors easily upload their bids, so you have instant visibility and a central repository for all bid requests and outcomes. Once a selection is made based on price and their QCI score, winners and losers are notified.

Close-Out Survey

Once your subcontractor completes their work, you can request they complete a digital close-out survey on their phone or tablet. The digital survey can ask them questions about the work completed as well as ensure they capture photos of their completed work, the permit, nameplate data off the installed equipment and more.Pictures tell a thousand words. Now you can see the quality of your subcontractors work, even if you can’t physically go to the job site.


Qmerit Marketplace

Purchasing through Qmerit Marketplace significantly reduces operating costs through the industry’s first solution that aggregates the purchasing volume of facility managers and contractors to provide discounts on parts and materials.

Our easy-to-use eProcurement software enables you to quickly access these discounts.

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Dashboard in imac



Dashboard & Analytics

Our powerful analytics engine will provide you with insights and visibility that you’ve never had access to before.

We measure all aspects of your contractors’ interactions with your customers, then display the relevant information for your review. Examples include contractor performance, compliance tracking, pricing history and more







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