If you’re relying on third party contractors to service your customers, your brand reputation is at risk every day…

Do you have up-to-date copies of their licenses, background checks, insurance and certifications? Do you objectively measure their performance? Do you have an automated way to receive 3-bids for your customers?

If not, tap into Qmerit’s nationwide network of pre-certified electrical contractors who are specialists in EV changing station installations and other electrical projects. All our contractors have up-to-date licenses, background checks and insurance. 

We provide a turnkey program that connects EV buyers and commercial fleet managers seeking EV charger installations and our Marketplace will find the three best performing contractors in your customer’s geographic area so they can provide quotes.


Manufacturers Using Our Contractor Network

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"Qmerit has provided us a world-class home EV charger installation program. Their EV Concierge Program is the best Jaguar Land Rover has worldwide”. 

- Timothy Philippo, EV Infrastructure, Jaguar Land Rover

We Deliver Unmatched Customer Service

89% of Qmerit customers would recommend our installers to their friends and colleagues!

Like many companies, Qmerit uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. NPS is often considered the gold standard for measuring customer satisfaction.

After each EV charging station installation, our customers are sent an NPS survey asking, “How likely are you to recommend your installer to a friend or colleague?”.  Respondents give a rating between 0 (not at all likely) and 10 (extremely likely).  

89 NPS Q2
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Qmerit’s Net Promoter Score is 89.

Qmerit and its installers take great pride in delivering an exceptional charging station installation experience to EV owners. We will continue to strive for raving fans of our service and delivering a white-glove experience EV owners deserve.



Program Overview

Qmerit connects your customers with pre-vetted and certified contractors. By simply typing in their address, customers are provided with certified contractors in their area. You can decide how many contractors are provided when requests are made. Each contractor will provide installation quotes electronically and your customer can then choose the contractor that best meets their needs. The entire process is digital and automated to save your customers and contractors time and money.


Proven Solution

Qmerit is a proven solution for your contractor management. Premier companies, such as Chevrolet, BMW, MINI, Jaguar, Land Rover, Enel X, ChargePoint and more use Qmerit for EV charging station installations for their customers so you can be assured your customers will receive a great installation experience.


Objective Contractor Measurement

Our exclusive Qmerit Contribution Index™ (QCI) score measures all our contractors on their responsiveness, quality, compliance and more so when your customers request a contractor, we provide the top three highest performers.


Automated Compliance

Our contractors upload all their compliance documentation and our system digitally notifies them when they are about to expire. If the contractor is not in compliance they don’t receive work and their QCI™ score decreases.


Instant Access to Your Own Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center Enables your company to upload training videos, pictures, documents and instructional manuals so your contractors have immediate access to the materials they need. You can group the materials with relevant tags so that they are easily searchable when your contractor needs them the most– improving performance and service quality.


Lower Costs by Using a 3-Bid Process

Qmerit digitizes the entire bid process– making it easy for your customers to get multiple quotes for a project. Our contractors upload their quotes so your customers have instant visibility and can choose their favorite. Our QCI™ score measures response times so contractors’ scores will increase or decrease based on their responsiveness relative to their peers.


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