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Service Beyond Network has partnered with Qmerit to offer a revolutionary new way to purchase. 

Service Beyond Network has enabled your organization to gain free access to significant discounts on your most common purchases. 

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Purchasing Program

Save 7%-25% on your maintenance, repairs and operations (MRO) parts and materials! Qmerit created an exclusive partnership with Avendra®, a leader in purchasing programs and supply chain management, to deliver deep discounts on MRO parts and materials by aggregating spend from contractors and building engineers.

Avendra handles the contract negotiations and supplier management, while Qmerit provides the MRO expertise and technology that finds the lowest total cost for materials across suppliers.

Qmerit Marketplace

When you sign up for Qmerit Marketplace, you receive access to Avendra’s best-in-class contracts for MRO supplies and will start achieving greater savings from some of your everyday suppliers as well as free shipping from most suppliers!


A few of Avendra's contracted suppliers

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How it works

Avendra continuously works to help customers realize savings with numerous industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers and ensures you receive the best value and highest levels of service.
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eProcurement Platform

eProcurement Platform

Qmerit Marketplace is a private marketplace that allows you to easily search and purchase parts and materials from our contracted suppliers as well as your suppliers in one easy location. There is no need to visit multiple supplier websites to find exactly the product you are looking for because our eProcurement platform searches for the product across multiple suppliers.

Best Value Finder

By joining, you can also gain access to our Best Value Finder, which is a Chrome browser extension that alerts you when it finds an exact match or similar item with a total lower cost from one of our contracted suppliers while you’re searching on a non-contracted supplier website. 

Best Value Finder

Benefits to you



Pay 7%–25% less for parts and materials

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No startup costs or hidden fees



Enhanced support & value-add service from suppliers



We negotiate supplier agreements



Save time finding and purchasing materials 

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